Use Your Rent Payment History to Boost Your Credit Score

If You Pay Rent, It’s Time You Get The Credit Score You Deserve!

Rental Verification to the Rescue: Have you been paying your rent payment on time for the past 6 months, this past year, or evenĀ  the past two years?

Did you know that you can add up to 24 months of your past rental payment history to your credit report. Adding your history in this way can actually boost your credit score?

With Rental Verification, we add your rent payment history DIRECTLY onto your credit report allowing you to get the score you deserve.

Its time to boost your credit with Rental Verification

Getting Started is as Simple as…


Sign Up For Rental Verification

Complete the Signup Process quickly and easily and the best part is it only takes a few minutes.


Verify That You Are You

It is very important that we verify your identity. As a result, this helps us make sure that you get the full benefits you deserve. We will also request authorization to contact your landlord.


We Verify and Report to TransUnion & Equifax

Next we verify your payment history with your landlord and report directly to TransUnion & Equifax!

So What Are Your Waiting For?

We’re Here To Help

  • Get The Credit Score You Deserve Using Rent Payments You’ve Already Made
  • Build Your Credit Every Time You Make a New Rent Payment
  • Get Rewarded For Being Reliable and Consistent