Get the Credit You Deserve—

Simply by Paying Your Rent!

Get the Credit You Deserve—

Simply by Paying Your Rent!

You’ve worked hard to be responsible with your credit and pay your monthly rent on time. Unfortunately, your credit score just doesn’t reflect that great history of paying rent. And a low (or nonexistent) FICO score makes it hard to buy a home, car, or anything else you want to finance.

Now, there’s a solution that can make a BIG difference in your credit score.

Simply by paying your rent on time, you can increase your credit score an average of 40 points! And by reporting those on-time rental payments, some clients have even bumped up more than 100 points! No, it’s not credit repair; it’s credit transformation, and Rental Verification can help get you the credit you deserve—and have already earned!

You’re that much closer to buying a home or car.

You may not know it, but just by paying your rent, you’ve already earned a great credit score.

And when we report your historic payment record, we give you the ability to:

Buy a New Home

Stop renting and start living the American dream! Rental Verification lets your rental history speak for your ability to pay your mortgage.

Buy a New Car

Instead of showing weeks of pay stubs at the corner used-car lot, walk with confidence into a dealership and know that your credit score will back you up.

Boost Your Credit for Future Purchases

Earning a good credit history takes time, but with our ability to put up to 24 months of historical rental payments on your credit report, you’ll move up faster.

Benefits of Rental Verification

Even if you can qualify for a mortgage or loan with your current credit score, what would happen with a higher number? There’s a world of difference moving from 580 to 640—or even up to 680—when it comes to your ability to get a loan, and we didn’t even mention the effect on your interest rate!

Our customers have saved more than 50 times—and even up to 500 times—the cost of our service over the life of their mortgage or loan. That could equal $100,000 in savings!

A higher credit score could be the difference between qualifying and not qualifying. Why risk rejection?

You could move from an FHA mortgage to a conventional loan, which eliminates the need to pay expensive mortgage insurance (PMI).

Customers see an average FICO score increase of about 40 points (and sometimes higher than 100!) within just a few weeks of signing up with us.

This is not credit repair. We furnish accurate, trusted data based on your rental history. There are no made-up numbers or months of waiting, calling, and arguing to clean up your credit report.

See how easy it is to get the credit you deserved. After all, you’ve already earned it!